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My name is Donald Gaw. Husband to Lisa, a Dad, a Granddad, Writer, Public Speaker, Veteran and Lousy Golfer. We're just regular people with a passion for helping others and a desire for making the World a better place.

We like rooms with books in them. We like comfy chairs that are hard to get out of. We like modest people that tell the truth. We like coconut cream pie and dogs. We like the old days when kids weren’t glued to a computer. We like remembering how our dads would tip their hats to a Lady and open the door for her. We like how we used to dress up to go out. We like dinners late at night in a quiet spot. We like old lamps with a soft glow. We like each other’s company.

We remember a simpler time when Moms could stay home to guide their kids and help them do homework or mend a knee or an elbow. Things were affordable then. Now, everyone seems to be struggling with debt and low pay and mediocre jobs. It doesn't need to be like that.

We cherish Family Reunions and mourn the passing of dear ones. We cry at the movies or when reading a powerful book passage. We love good music. We like solitude but love a full house.

We don’t understand hatred or holding a grudge. We believe everyone deserves a chance and equal treatment. And we've learned and know for a fact there’s opportunity everywhere!  And we believe anyone can turn their life around if they want to. 

We've been online and self-employed for over 20 years specializing in opportunities that are real and that work! Before moving to S. Indiana, we lived in Las Vegas, NV where I sold Rolls Royce Motorcars. Lisa is a CannaGlobe Corporate Trainer and a Singer. I Write and am a Public Speaker and Sales Trainer. For our Online Partners, we offer Free Training and a great Sign-on Bonus. We believe in Independence, and we believe in creating our own path and in not relying on any Company, Boss, or 9 to 5 handout just to make 'ends meet'. We like the fact we can work and travel whenever and wherever we wish, and we like being able to show our partners how to have the same type of Freedom. We'd be honored to work with you!

If you're looking for a better lifestyle or a way to save money or want to earn a bit of extra income, then our 20+ years of experience can help you. Our training is always free and we have the ideal opportunity for you.

If you would like to talk, we’re in the Eastern U.S. time zone and are online from 8 am to 8 pm daily except Sunday. (Text or message us anytime)

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All the best,

Donald and Lisa



“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney